You buy time. Your heart starts racing and your palms start sweating. You should totally have this answer nailed by now. Gaaah….You get asked this same question almost every single day everywhere you go. By family. By teachers. By friends. Why don’t you know? 

I’ve been there. 

And so have lots of others. Millions of college students just like you get overwhelmed by having too many choices with too little concrete information. I’ve worked with these students and new graduates, and they all are struggling with questions like:

  • How do I make the most of my time in college so I can make great connections and land a great job after graduation? 
  • What is the best career path for me? How will I find a career that I love?
  • Which college major should I choose? Should I change? Is it too late to change? Does it matter? 
  • Will I be able to work in my chosen field after graduation? Will I be well paid? 
  • How can I learn more about the world of work and all of the possible career options out there that fit ME?
  • I don’t want to graduate with big loans and no opportunities. Help!

If you’re a parent of one of these students, you know the struggle all too well. It’s probably also causing you anxiety and sleepless nights – especially if you are the one paying for college. And as parents, you want more than anything for your son or daughter to be happy and fulfilled in their career, but you know you don’t have all the answers for them. 

I’ve spent 15+ years of my career in corporate recruiting and managing intern programs at some of the largest companies, and in my own business, helping high school and college students to discover confidence and clarity around their career paths. 

If you’re a current or new college student or a new college graduate – I’d love to work with you to help you feel more confident about your college and career path.

A roadmap to create your career vision so you can shine your brightest.

In just 30 days, you’ll walk away with a better understanding of yourself – of your personality, strengths, and interests – as well as a better understanding of how to create a career path that fits you and your unique strengths. You’ll learn how to develop your career mindset and experience how to confidently take charge of your future. You’ll discover how to proactively manage your career in a way that allows you to shine your brightest. You’ll learn how to find jobs and internships that are natural extensions of your strengths and interests, and you’ll gain a set of tools to help you stand out from the crowd. 

Plus, with an experienced recruiter by your side, you’ll learn the insider tips and tricks for what the largest companies and corporate recruiters are looking for.

Utilizing a potent mixture of experience, self-exploration, and tangible career tools, I specialize in stopping the struggle and overwhelm, and helping you shape a vision for your college major and career. 

With the College2Career Bootcamp, I’ll be your guide, partner, and mentor as we walk through the proven roadmap from confusion to clarity and from uncertainty to confidence. 

  • 3 Unique Career Assessments: Designed to help you better understand your interests, strengths, and personality type. 
  • DiscoverU Kick-Off Intensive: In a 3-hour virtual classroom, we’ll dive into your assessment results, reflect on your past successes, and begin to create a foundation for a fulfilling career path.
  • Weekly Group Module Lessons: Together, via webinar, we’ll walk through key areas and important topics with time for Q&A. These calls will all be recorded if you can’t make it live.
  • College2Career Workbook: Your personal guidebook for the program. 
  • Exclusive access to the College2Career private Facebook group: We’ll collaborate throughout the class within the group to share information and learn from each other. 
  • 2x/Week Tutoring Hours in the College2Career FB Group: Twice a week, I’ll be live in the FB group talking about the week’s topic and answering questions. 
  • Private Coaching Call & 90-Day Career Blueprint: Within 30 days of completing the course, you’ll have a private coaching call with me where we’ll answer any lingering questions and create a 90-Day Career Blueprint to customize your career roadmap. 

The guidance and tools that you receive in College2Career Bootcamp are timeless. 

I equip you with a plan that you can use now, this summer, during the academic school year, and long after graduation. You’ll gain the tools to help you make fulfilling and focused decisions at every step of your career, saving you the heartache of spending years trying to force a career path that you don’t truly enjoy. 

Most importantly, you’ll walk away motivated, excited, and confident about your future! So many students I’ve worked with have expressed feeling more clarity and direction for their future after our work together – they are so happy to have put time and focus into career planning – I want that for YOU too! 

I’ve been in your shoes.

I remember not having “a thing” when so many of my friends seemed like they had already discovered their calling and career path. Without a compass or a guide by my side, I entered college without a clear direction and, because I just wanted to choose a major, any major, I aimlessly followed my brother into accounting. 

While I love my brother dearly, I quickly realized that accounting was not the career path for me. Fortunately, I stumbled across a poster in my business school about the Human Resources Club, went to my first meeting, and was hooked! I had found my people and my path. 

Since then, I’ve been passionate about helping others to do the same. 

Over the course of my career, I’ve learned that the career sweet spot – where passion and purpose meet meaningful success – is found in the intersection between self-knowledge and exploration of opportunities. 

My mission is to help you take the guesswork out of college paths and eventual careers that “could” make you happy, and support you in gaining more confidence and clarity so you can experience a more intentional, gratifying college and career journey. That’s the transformation I’ll guide you through in this course – together we’ll build a great foundation and plan that will have you feeling more empowered and confident about your journey.

Module 1: Discovering your awesomeness and creating your career vision 

o Dive deep into understanding your strengths, interest and personality 

o Reflect on your moments of greatness to build your career themes 

o Create your career vision statement to set your foundation for future planning 

o Learn how to cultivate a career mindset and the steps to creating your path to a fulfilling career 

Module 2: The 3 keys to revealing your best-fit career paths 

o Learn how exposure, exploration and experiences can provide you in-depth knowledge of career paths 

o Shorten your path to career discovery through proven steps 

Module 3: Stand out from the sea of sameness 

o Create a career portfolio that opens doors and shows who you are 

o It’s about them and you: telling your story with them at the center 

o Resume and LinkedIn tips, tricks and resources 

Module 4: Professional presence, the power of your brand, and making a plan 

o Learn how to confidently tell your story 

o Insider tips for how to show up and follow-up in introductions, emails and interviews 

o Create your 90-day Career Blueprint with specific action steps and timelines 

Additional BONUS Guide

o Ultimate Job Search: 15 critical steps for finding your perfect internship or full-time position 

Why choose College2Career Bootcamp? 

It’s true. 

You could download an assessment from the Internet or buy a book on Amazon.com. The algorithms will spit out a list of likely career matches, and the book will spell out its process for finding your perfect career. 

But, here’s the thing… you won’t find confidence or clarity in an algorithm or in the pages of a book. 

You need a guide, someone who has been there and learned, and worked with hundreds of others to show you how to match personality with purpose. You need someone who can dig deep and help you reveal your true strengths and interests, and support you in carving a career path that’s not only in line with your passions, but sustainable and satisfying. 

Finding the right career path is a process. It’s one that reveals itself over time and can only be discovered with self-knowledge and support. 

Let’s start the work together, let’s build your foundation to work from. It’s never too early to start the process. And it’s never too late. 

College2Career Group Coaching Program



Upgrade to our SENIOR SPECIAL for graduating college seniors – and receive 2 additional one hour private coaching calls for just $200 more. During our sessions, we’ll create your custom job search plan so that you know the high-value steps to take to land your dream job. 

Special Offer! 

The first 5 students to sign up for the course will receive an additional FREE 30 minute private career coaching session prior to the course start date to get a jumpstart on learning!


 As the founder of Youth Career Compass, www.youthcareercompass.com I’m committed to helping young people gain more purpose & passion for their future. Go HERE to learn more about what other students and new grads have said about the clarity and confidence they’ve experienced after working together!

 If you have any questions about the course or would like to jump on a call to talk about your needs and learn if the course is a good fit for you/your student – please email me at deanna@youthcareercompass.com. 

Q: Who is this class for? 

• For students just beginning their college career who want to get more direction and feel more intentional about that first year.

• For current college students who want guidance on how to select the best major for them and help with determining the best internships to fit their career vision. 

• For new college graduates who want to increase their self-knowledge and really connect the dots to help launch their career.

Q: How is this different from what my university career center can offer?

• Career centers are great at what they do. This course offers you something different – a small-group learning environment to dive into deep learning about yourself and how to build your personal career vision. The work we do together in the class will set you up to take full advantage of the resources your career center offers. 

Q: What if I don’t have time? 

• You don’t have time to NOT take this course. Gaining greater clarity around your college major and career path will save you time and money and can shorten your time to graduation. The time investment you make now will save you time spent in a college major or internship/job that doesn’t fit you. 

Q: How many students are in each class? Will I get individual attention?

• The classes are kept intentionally small at 10-15 students so we’ll have a nice cozy group with lots of time for individual questions along the way. You’ll have opportunities during the calls, in the Facebook group ongoing and during tutoring hours, and in the private coaching session at the end of class to get individual/personalized attention and guidance.

Q: Are my parents involved? 

• If your parents are paying for the course, we do offer an option to send them a weekly email update of what is being covered each week of the class, the information is not specific to you, but to the topics being reviewed.

Q: Can you guarantee that I’ll find a job? 

• No, but we’ll teach you how to tell your story and talk about your strengths in a way that most college students or new grads can’t. Your knowledge of yourself and your strengths and passions will make you stand out from the crowd. 

Q: Do you have a payment plan? 

• Yes! You can split the course cost into 2 payments over the 4 week period. Just email me if you’d like to split your payments deanna@youthcareercompass.com.

Q: Will the class be offered again at another time? 

• Yes! I’m not sure if there will be another class this summer though. If this timing doesn’t work for you, please send me an email and I’ll put you on the waitlist for a future course. 

Q: How are the assessments different from what I’ve done before and didn’t find particularly helpful?  

• We use 3 career assessments as a foundation of information to help reflect on your past experiences and validate the results that fit you. Together, we’ll find the patterns and themes in the 3 assessments to create a holistic foundation to create your career vision. The assessments provide insight into your personality style, your interests and your unique strengths and are only one piece of the career puzzle. 

Q: Is this for High School Students too? 

• The class is recommended for students who have already graduated from high school. 

Q: What if I can’t attend all of the webinar workshop sessions live? 

• All sessions will be recorded if you can’t attend or wish to review them again later. I HIGHLY recommend that all students attend the initial 3 hour intensive kick-off session to get the best results from the class. 

Q: How long will the class take to complete? 

Class time: The first intensive kick-off session is 3 hours. Each week after, there is a 1-hour webinar session to cover the materials for each module is offered. The one hour private career coaching session will be scheduled within 30 days of class completion. 

Individual Student time: Students will spend 1.5 hours in advance of the class to complete the online career assessments. Each week, students should plan on a minimum of 1 hour of career-related activities in addition to the 1 hour webinar (2 hours per week total). Students are also encouraged to take advantage of the tutoring sessions within the Facebook group and to ask questions within the group as often as needed. 

Q: When does the class start? What are the class times/dates?

• The 3-hour kick-off call will be Saturday, July 16th, 10am-1pm PST. The session is recorded for students that can’t attend the live call, but it’s highly recommended that students make it a priority to attend this first call to take part in the activities & take advantage of Q&A time. 

• The 1 hour weekly calls will be on Thursday evenings the timing will be determined based on student availability. The sessions are recorded for students that can’t attend the live call.  

College2Career Group Coaching Program



Upgrade to our SENIOR SPECIAL for graduating college seniors – and receive 2 additional one hour private coaching calls for just $200 more. During our sessions, we’ll create your custom job search plan so that you know the high-value steps to take to land your dream job. 

Special Offer! 

The first 5 students to sign up for the course will receive an additional FREE 30 minute private career coaching session prior to the course start date to get a jumpstart on learning!

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