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Welcome! You’re in the right place if you are a student or parent looking to KICKSTART the process of exploring careers and college majors!

Let us help you gain more purpose and direction for college experience and career planning. You will also gain CONFIDENCE as you discover how YOUR strengths & interests translate into exciting options for your future.

College is such an incredibly exciting time for self-discovery and making amazing connections. Imagine how much more fulfilling the journey will be when you’re able to find your area of focus – where you’re 100% engaged and you really feel like you’ve found your place, your people and YOUR THING.

My ‘thing’ is helping you find your thing – so let’s do this thing together!


“These classes helped me determine the values in that I am doing now or should do (school, internships), so that I can stay focused on my career and where I want to be in the future.”


Inglemoor High School

Focus on career and future

“She really learned what her strengths and interests are in relation to selecting an area of study. This is exactly what I hoped she would receive from this class.”


High School Junior

Confidence and excitement about the future

“By pinpointing my strengths, we not only identified work environments where my unique personality could thrive, but we also brainstormed careers suitable for someone with my level of experience. My new level of confidence and network of opportunities is owed in large part to my time with Deanna. I really feel I’m reaching this turning point where I see the full depth of my motivations and passions, and as a result I’m feeling more excited about life than ever before, I’m connecting dots that have seemed disparate in the past.”

New College Graduate
University of Oregon

Let’s Work Together

The time we’ll spend working together is an incredible investment in your future – saving you time, money and frustration and empowering you with a foundation of knowledge about yourself that you can use to guide you in making important education decisions and finding a fulfilling career path.

It’s never too early to start building your college and career path. It’s time to become the CEO of your own career and begin to create your path based on YOU – don’t let college and career ‘happen to you’ – let me help you to discover your greatness, explore exciting opportunities and plan for an amazing future!

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