Guest Blog by Haley Hauge

Having completed my senior year of High School and committed to university, the past four years of hard work have finally paid off. Countless hours spent in the classroom, studying for exams, and completing college applications have resulted in my status as an incoming college freshman.

I recently spent some time reflecting on the college decision I made last May. After being accepted to twelve universities throughout the nation, I had a tough choice to make. My parents wanted me to visit my top choices to make sure I chose the right place for me. With the intention of majoring in marketing, I knew I wanted a strong foundation in business education and that helped me decide which four schools to visit.

Fordham was the first university I toured as a prospective student. After hearing from several students as well as the Dean of the Gabelli School of Business, I could tell Fordham was a near perfect fit for me. The classroom setting, opportunities for double minors, student life, campus size, extracurricular activities, internships, and the relationship with New York City aligned with my interests. It seemed I had found the school for me; however I continued to visit each university while keeping an open mind.

After New York, I traveled to Boston to learn more about Northeastern and Boston University’s programs. I enjoyed touring both schools and could picture myself at either of them, but didn’t have the “just right” feeling that I experienced when walking around the campus at Fordham.

With one more top contender, I returned home to Seattle and visited the Foster School of Business at the University of Washington. I loved it, and now had a difficult decision to make. Both Fordham and UW have amazing business schools and great student life, but my main determining factors were the size of the student body, cost, and surrounding environment.

In the end, I chose Fordham, and I could not be more overjoyed with my decision. Though it is more expensive, I feel more comfortable with the small campus size (about 10,000 undergraduates compared to about 30,000 at UW). I also realized the thing I look forward to most in college is having new experiences. Attending university in New York City will allow me to explore a completely new environment.

Now that graduation has passed and my summer is coming to a close, college is starting to feel much more real. I have registered for classes, found a roommate, and purchased a one way ticket to New York.

While many of my peers may be feeling a bit nervous, I can honestly say I am nothing but excited. I have been fortunate enough to declare my major as a freshman and I am eager to begin my studies as a business student.

I am beyond grateful for the opportunities I had through high school to understand my strengths and areas of interest. I’m glad that I spent time learning about the types of job roles that that fit my personality and skills. Knowing that I have an aptitude for business and marketing gives me confidence that I’m pursuing the right school and the right degree for me. With the experiences that have shaped me so far, and as I begin studying at Fordham, I look forward to further discovering my passions and eventually ascertaining the perfect career for me.

Haley will be a freshman at Fordham University in the fall. While Haley is majoring in marketing, she hopes to additionally pursue a minor in either fine arts or retail. Aside from her studies, Haley works on the logistics team at Nordstrom and stays active hiking, biking, golfing or volunteering. Having been accepted to Fordham’s Urban Plunge service and justice program, Haley looks forward to giving back to the community that will soon be her home

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